A Promising Financial Services Sector
Economy of Mauritius

A key sector of our economy

Mauritius has forged a strong reputation as a cross-border financial services hub, with a growth rate exceeding 4.5% over the last four years and employing over 9,900 professionals.

The financial services sector is a core part of the Mauritian economy, with a GDP contribution of 13.1%, which includes 6.6% in financial intermediation, being essentially banking activities and capital markets, 2.1% in insurance activities and 0.6% in financial leasing and other credit granting activities.

The global business sector, in itself, contributes to 8.4% (forecast 2022) of the Mauritian economy. The development of the global business sector spurred substantial growth in the other sub-segments of the financial services sector, as well as in the foreign reserves of the country and balance of payment.

Inflation is moderate, reaching 11.5% in August 2022 year on year.


Source: Index (govmu.org)