Regulatory Sandbox
Regulatory Sandbox Licence Guidelines for Fintech Projects
Regulatory Sandbox Licence Guidelines


Work and Live in Mauritius
Occupation Permit Guidelines
Application for Permanent Residence Permit Guidelines
Young Professional Occupation Permit Guidelines


Real Estate & Hospitality
Acquisition of Residential Property under the IRS / RES / PDS Guidelines
Acquisition of Apartment with Long Stay Visa Guidelines
Acquisition and Lease of Immovable Property by Non-Citizens for Business Purposes
Property Development Scheme Guidelines
Invest Hotel Scheme Guidelines
Smart City Scheme Guidelines
Building and Land Use Permit Guide
Checklist for Application for Mocellement Permit
Application for a Canvasser Permit Guidelines
Application for a Tourist Enterprise Licence Guidelines


Agro-Industry Sector
Registration Certificate Food Processing Guidelines
Application for Registration Certificate Food Processing Guidelines
Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines
Preliminary Environmental Report Guidelines
Agricultural Lease Guidelines
Application for Land Conversion Permit Guidelines


Aquaculture Sector
EIA Guidelines for Fish Farming in the Sea
Application for Authorisation for Fish Farming in the Sea Guidelines
Potential for Sustainable Aquaculture Development in Mauritius


Mauritius Freeport
Minor Processing Activities Guidelines
Application for Freeport Certificate Guidelines
Application for Freeport Certificate as Third Party Freeport Developer Guidelines
Freeport Related Services Guidelines
Registration for Global Trading Activities Guidelines
Preferential Port Handling Charges Guidelines
Exemption from payment of Registration Duty and Land Transfer Tax for Warehousing Purposes Guidelines


Creative Industry
Film Rebate Scheme Guidelines


Knowledge Sector
Mauritius Diaspora Scheme Guidelines


Life Sciences Sector
Clinical Research in Mauritius Guidelines


Manufacturing Sector
Operating Gold Trading/Processing Activities in Mauritius Guidelines


VAT Refund Scheme
VAT Refund Scheme Guidelines


SME Refund Scheme
SME Refund Scheme Guidelines