A Variable Capital Company is a company incorporated under the Companies Act which carries its activities through its sub-funds and Special Purpose Vehicles.

Limited Partnership is a non-conventional corporate structure enabling investors to limit their liabilities when investing in a pool of funds.

The Protected Cell Company is a special structure made up of cells which provide optimum legal segregation and protection of assets attributable to each cell of the company, whether owned by individuals or body corporates.

The Global Business segment of the Mauritius International Financial Services Centre provides convenience, fiscal efficiency and risk mitigation for companies engaged in international operations.

An Authorised Company is a private company which conducts business principally outside Mauritius and has its central management and control outside Mauritius.

Every Trust must at any one time have at least one qualified trustee which is authorised by the FSC to provide trusteeship services. Every Foundation shall have a Council which shall administer the property of the Foundation; and carry out the objects of the Foundation.