Jurisdiction of choice for International Business

Mauritius has contributed significantly to the development of the African continent through several initiatives. The recent United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) World Investment Report 2019 highlighted the important role played by Mauritius in intra-regional investment flows.

Mauritius, as a rapidly evolving Financial Services hub, has greatly contributed to the $46bn worth of Foreign Direct Investment flowing into Africa in 2018, an 11% increase compared to 2017. The contribution of Mauritius International Financial Centre encompasses promoting trade and investment ties, promoting an enabling environment for the transfer of funds and a leading role in capital raising.

Mauritius has undergone major reforms over the recent years.

The Blueprint for the Financial Services sector has also been completed and a committee has been established for the timely and effective implementation. Moreover, our robust regulatory framework, bilingual and skilled workforce, harmonised tax regimes, economic diversity, political stability, a valuable network of Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAAs) and Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (IPPAs) and compliance with international standards have proved to be efficient, timely and productive.

Political and Economic Stability

Our strong democratic and independent institutions together with both our Westminster-inspired political system and social development are the foundations of our society and moreover of our political and social stability.

Transparent and efficient

Through the years, Mauritius has adhered to the highest levels of transparency. Mauritius is signatory to the multilateral Base Erosion and Profit Shifting Convention to tackle tax avoidance by multinational enterprises. We have also committed to modify our remaining tax treaties through bilateral negotiations.