Capital Economics Report

Introduction and Summary

Capital Economics has been commissioned by the Economic Development Board of Mauritius to research and report upon the extent to which Mauritius has been and can continue to be a catalyst for sustainable growth and development in Africa.

This report combines new and innovative analysis of existing information, statistics and research with the results from a major quantitative and qualitative research exercise among a large and representative sample of management companies in Mauritius.

There are seven key messages:

  • Mauritius is an important and growing partner for investment into Africa, playing a role in stimulating growth and development;
  • Investment activity in Mauritius supports jobs, gross domestic product and tax receipts in Africa;
  • Mauritius stimulates economic activity and tax revenues through increased FDI while the scope for any tax leakage is limited;
  • Mauritius is a real and balanced economy which has established itself as a diverse and stable place to do business;
  • Mauritius’ international finance centre has developed to provide services which facilitate cross-border investment in Africa and elsewhere;
  • There is opportunity for long-term sustainable development in Africa; and,
  • Africa needs private investment to facilitate economic growth and development.


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