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Following the workshop held on Cybersecurity: Wake up Call for Directors, CEOs & CXOs at Hennessy Park Hotel on 6th July 2022, with the presence of the Financial Services Commission, Mauritius Finance and Rogers Capital,  the Minister for Financial Services and Good Governance, Hon. Mahen Kumar Seeruttun, in his key note address pointed out  ‘'we have gone digital in a way beyond imagination whereby we live, work and play in a cyberspace''.

Computers and network devices, he mentioned, touch every aspect of our Economy and Society and this networking of various dimensions of society has been spurred by the global pandemic. He also said that as cyber activity increases in frequency, scale, in sophistication at the same time, threats are growing in numbers and complexity.

As such, he stated that a lot is being done to maintain the digital infrastructure safe, such as the drafting of appropriate legislations, taking of policy actions, signing of international conventions agreements and collaboration with international allies in a bid to keep Mauritius open and abreast to emerging disruptions, making the most of available opportunities and concurrently, deal with emerging threats.

As illustration, he dwelt on the initiatives like the Cyber security and Cybercrime Act 2021, the ITU Centre of Excellence in the field of Cyber security, Mauritius’ engagement with regional partners such as AfricaCERT, amongst others, which have played an important role in the ranking of Mauritius in the ITU Global Cyber security Index and has placed the county First in Africa since the past 8 years.