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The launch of the Toolkit on the Mauritius International Financial Centre was held on 13th April 2022 at the seat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade, in Port Louis. 


The Hon. Alan Ganoo, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade, the Hon. Mahen Kumar Seeruttun, Minister of Financial Services and Good Governance, the UN Resident Coordinator, Mrs Christine Umutoni, His Excellency, Ambassador Haymandoyal Dillum and stakeholders of public and private bodies were also present.

The Hon. Minister Mahen Kumar Seeruttun, in his key note address pointed out that this Toolkit has been designed to support the distinguished High Commissioners and Ambassadors in their committed endeavours to showcase to the international community the unique attractiveness and competitiveness of the Mauritian  jurisdiction.


He stated that it is envisioned in the Blueprint 2030 that the Financial Services Sector is poised to become one of the main engines of growth for Mauritius with its present contribution of 12,8% to GDP increasing twofold by 2030. He expressed his confidence that the sector’s progress will go from strength to strength and putting every effort to ensure the success story of our IFC with our ever-expanding suite of innovative financial products and services. Products are reviewed to ensure they meet the requirements of sophisticated clientele, as well as prices to ensure competitiveness, smart processes are introduced to provide fast and service to our investors.

He further stated that ‘in the pursuit of our international strategies, it is our duty to ensure that we are providing our embassies with the correct resources and information for them to succeed in their roles as the Voice of Mauritius on investment and financial services promotion. The Toolkit will be a very important resource for international relations and communication which is user friendly and designed to be an indispensable companion for the Ambassadors to manage Mauritius Brand at all levels whether government-to-government, institutional and individual. It presents the Mauritius IFC in Facts and Figures with information on Mauritius as a hub for Africa and highlights on international cooperation and collaboration.  

The Hon. Minister Alan Ganoo, commended the Ministry of Financial Services and Good Governance for this laudable initiative in producing the Toolkit.  He stated that this Toolkit is tailor-made for Ambassadors, High Commissioners and diplomatic officers by providing a practical and easy to use guide to missions to disseminate information on the financial services sector to foreign investors and foreign institutions.

The Hon. Minister further emphasised that the Toolkit which is a very dynamic document will be updated on a regularly basis and will be immediately disseminated to all missions abroad for them to continue engaging with the international community as Mauritius ambitions to become an international financial services hub for the region and beyond.

He further pointed out that the Toolkit comes at an opportune time with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the situation which got exacerbated due to the Ukraine-Russia conflict. He also spoke of the concerted efforts of both Ministries in removing Mauritius from the Financial Action Task Force list of jurisdictions under increased monitoring, the European Union’s list of high-risk third countries and the United Kingdom’s high-risk list. After the removal from the lists, the outlook is very positive for the financial services sector.

Access the Toolkit on the Mauritius International Financial Centre